Thursday, October 25, 2018


It's a thing of beauty. The Dodgers are being outclassed and outscored, 12-6, in two games.

David Pinto of Baseball Musings explains that the Bosox are not striking out much in the postseason -- 12% compared to 32% for the Dodgers

The post-season broadcasts have noted the Red Sox success batting with two outs this post-season. The are hitting .268/.400/.423 in the 2018 post-season with two out. Note that both Houston and Atlanta hit very well in that situation, so it isn’t the only reason a team wins.
What the Red Sox are doing very differently that all the other post-season teams is not striking out. They are either walking, or putting the ball in play. The other nine playoff teams struck out at least 20% of the times with two outs, many of them over 30%. The Brewers and Dodgers are both at around 32%. The Red Sox are at 12%. That rate is even more impressive given their high OBP compared to their batting average. They are doing a fantastic job of being selective, taking pitches they should take and putting the bat on the ball when they swing. It’s only 150 PA this post-season, but if this is a team philosophy that is actually executed, I’m very impressed.


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