Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Muck the Farlins

I've hated the stupid Marlins since they came into the league. The maiming of Buster Posey in 2011, which cost the Giants any chance at a World Series title, deepened that. Scott Cousins, like Chase Utley in 2015, suffered nn consequences except for my total scorn.

So the Giants are finally done with playing that pathetic franchise for the year. They managed to break Longoria's hand and anger Hunger Strickland to the point that he managed to  break his hand on his own.

OK, I don't hate the Marlins as much as the dodgers. But I hope they lose every game this year.

Here's a recap of today's 6-5 vic, which left the Good Guys with a 3-4 record against Miami this season from McCovey Chronicles

The Giants won today, but the best news of the day is that they don’t have to play the Marlins again until 2019. The baseball gods are cruel, but I don’t think they’d be so cruel as to have both teams go on a tear and face each other in the wild card game. It’ll happen eventually. In 2023, Lewis Brinson will rob what should have been a walk-off homer from Joey Bart to propel the Marlins to their third World Series championship without a division title. But that’s five years away.
The seasonal series against Miami cost the Giants dearly. Not only did they drop five out of the seven games, but they had already lost their third baseman, their closer, and their dignity. Today’s game was somewhat of a respite from the childish nonsense and baseball blundery of the previous two. The Giants managed to hold a three-run lead in the ninth despite allowing the tying run to get into scoring position. No one did anything that could be seen as “disrespecting the game,” which prevents Mark Melancon from saying dumb things like “That guy disrespected the game.” Best of all, no one threw a baseball at another person’s butt (or head).
Still, something had to go wrong.
The Giants only had to send one batter to the plate to lose yet another player to a freak injury. Other teams have to deal with freak injuries, too—Brandon Morrow hurt himself taking off his pants at 3 a.m.—but I can’t think of any that have been as unlucky as the Giants. The Giants have had to deal with players getting hit in the hands, getting run into, hitting their head on a wall, getting appendicitis, get hit in the hands again, and now taking a foul tip off the knee.
That doesn’t even include the normal injuries Johnny Cueto and Jeff Samardzija sustained or Hunter Strickland punching a door. You can expect pitchers to get hurt. You can expect Strickland to be a redass. But it would be great if balls and people could stop hitting the Giants.
I suppose it’s fortunate that Alen Hanson only has a contusion on his knee, and he didn’t fracture his patella. Still, a trip to the 10-day DL seems likely. After seeing him writhe on the ground in agony, I have a hard time believing he’ll be back tomorrow. Get well soon, Alen Hanson. Come back and rope some more doubles.


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