Saturday, June 16, 2018

Madbum is back

The Good guys lost 3-1 tonight as Kike Hernandez - a completely ordinary dodger -- hit his 4th career homer against Madison Bumgarner tonight. That was the difference

Hernandez has a 4.9 WAR more than 1,000 plate appearances. In other words, he's decent but not so that he's an All-Star.

Here's Ken Gurnick's revolting story for

LOS ANGELES -- Enrique Hernandez's tiebreaking, two-run homer that powered the Dodgers to a 3-1 win over the Giants only enhanced his reputation as an all-time Madison Bumgarner killer.
In 34 plate appearances against the Giants ace, Hernandez has 15 hits, four of them homers and five of them doubles. He has the best career marks against Bumgarner in all three slash-line categories, with a minimum of 25 appearances.
That means batting average (.455), on-base percentage (.471) and slugging percentage (.970). Add it up and, of course, he's also dominant in OPS (1.441). His four homers are the second-most against Bumgarner behind Carlos Gonzalez's five, but in only 34 plate appearances compared to CarGo's 63.
And Hernandez's home-run rate against Bumgarner is 11.8 percent, also the highest for a minimum of 25 plate appearances.
Combine Hernandez's homer with another Matt Kemp homer and Alex Wood's second victory of the year and the Dodgers improved their June record to 11-2, with 21 wins in their last 27 games. Coupled with the D-backs' loss to the Mets, the Dodgers' victory cut to 1 1/2 games a National League West deficit that once was nine.


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