Sunday, April 08, 2018

Cutch keeps the Giants from falling apart

What a game yesterday. Thanks to Andrew McCutcheon, the Giants are now 4-3 for the season and the Dodgers are 2-6.

Here's part of Brian Murphy's recap at McCovey Chronicles --


If the Giants had lost tonight, it would’ve ruined your entire weekend, and I can prove it. First, this game should’ve ended in the afternoon. But an historic rainfall in San Francisco yesterday pushed it back to this bizarre 3pm start, smack dab in the middle of your Saturday. So, it’s bad enough your Friday (if you live in the Bay Area) was basically underwater, but now the baseball game you had looked forward to was rescheduled to have some “evening creep”. And anything weird like extra innings would push it fully into your Saturday night. And if the Giants had lost, it not only would’ve ruined your night, it would’ve ruined your weekend, because the only way to salvage a split would be to beat Clayton Kershaw on Sunday. Even if the Giants were to beat Kershaw, it couldn’t have erased the lost Saturday and the tense Sunday of wondering if the Giants could beat Kershaw until they finally did. Therefore, it was an extraordinarily good thing that the Giants beat the Dodgers tonight.
Andrew McCutchen was the hero. Buster Posey homered. The Dodgers were feeling good about themselves and the Giants ripped that away from them at the last possible second. The top of the 14th inning unraveled in an oh-so-familiar way, even if you could forgive Roberto Gomez for giving up the lead. He shouldn’t have had to come into the game, and Kelby Tomlinson is not Brandon Crawford’s defensive equal at shortstop. Yasiel Puig was due and once the Giants took a 3-1 back when the sun was still out, the momentum of the game switched. Yet somehow, after Chase Utley muscled a ball over the right field wall to tie the game at 4-4, the Giants didn’t do what they’d done since July of 2016 and embarrassingly fall to pieces.
In fact, it was Kelby Tomlinson who started that 14th inning rally despite missing a hard hit ball up the middle off the bat of Yasiel Puig. I think Brandon Crawford would’ve gotten to it, but I am also dumb. The bullpen gave up 2 runs in 9 innings of work. There wasn’t a 9 inning stretch last season where that happened (do not fact check this). Andrew McCutchen had the first 6-hit game of his career... as the pressure mounted, the Giants didn’t wilt. It’s not a matter of this team “remembering how to win” but instead “relearning how to be a Major League Baseball team”. After these first seven games, you can’t say this is the same team as last year and you can’t say the Giants aren’t competitive. Every tool of that success was used tonight and the result was that they walked off the Dodgers to send their rival to their worst start in 45 years.


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