Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Dodgers do not win World Series for 29th consecutive year

That's the headline on Grant Bisbee's McCovey Chronicles.

So the 2017 season is finally over. Pretty dreadful for Giants fans although the final play of the year for the Giants was Sandoval homering and the final play of the series was a weak groundout to MVP Jose Altuve.

Here are the first two graphs --

For the 29th consecutive year, the Los Angeles Dodgers did not win the World Series. They will. Soon. It’s coming. They will eventually win the World Series, and we’ll just have to wear it. They’re too rich, too talented, and too smart not to win. I don’t even like writing these any more because it feels like I’m poking a bear.
This year, however, they got all the way to the end of Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins before dying at the final boss. They are out of continues. They will have to start all over.

I do not agree with Grant that the Dodgers will win a Series soon. They are too self-entitled and too self-righteous to do so. 


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