Sunday, June 18, 2017

Hunter Strickland's fault ?

Sorry for not posting much, which usually means the Giants are on a losing streak. In this case, the team has gone 4-14 since Hunter Strickland's Memorial Day meltdown and is 26-44 at the start of play in Hell AKA Coors Field. 

The Giants were 22-30 at that point. Perhaps it's just coincidence but this team is seriously underperforming except for Buster Posey and perhaps Joe Panik and Ty Blach.

It puts fans in a position of thinking "Well, if they have a 10-game winning streak, they'll be right back in it."

Right now, the team is on a pace to go 62-100. Yikes. No score in the top of the 2nd in Denver.



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