Sunday, June 04, 2017

Headcase Hunter Strickland

Five days after his Memorial Day meltdown, Hunter Strickland gave away a winnable game with a truly awful 8th inning, giving up a bases-loaded double

Not quite sure if this guy shouldn't be send down to Sacramento

Grant Bisbee recaps at McCovey Chronicles without mentiong Strickland. Here's part --

In theory — and we’re talking Philosophy 101 your freshman year — the best possible scenario at this point for the Giants would be for Johnny Cueto to chuck a bunch of 7 IP, 3 ER starts. That’s a 3.85 ERA, which is fine. Not dominant. Not worth $100 million. But certainly fine.

Yet when you actually watch him pitch, you know he’s much better than a 3.85 ERA. You know what a 3.85 ERA means in your head. Kyle Lohse is the kind of dude with a 3.85 ERA. And, again, that’s fine. But you know instinctively that Cueto was better than that today. Tomorrow, too. For the next year, and the year after that. He’s something more than an innings-eating stopgap. He was brilliant on Saturday until he wasn’t. 

 Henry Schulman of the SF Chron did mention Hunder, who gave an MLB grade quote. He also noted that the Phils won for only the 7th time sine April27...

“I left a couple of pitches up. They got hit,” Strickland said. “Hats off to them.”


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