Saturday, May 06, 2017

The beauty of Brandon Belt

As the 2017 season unfolds with little good news --  Hey, the Giants are 2-2  so far in May AND they won the series at Chavez Latrine -- it's worth noting how well Brandon Belt has been playing. 

Jeff Sullivan has a fine piece in Fangraphs about it. 

Jeff contends that Belt is one of the top 25 hitters in baseball. People don't know that because AT&T Park holds down homers. This is how it ends --

It’s hard for lefties to hit homers in San Francisco. When a hitter barrels a ball in Yankee Stadium or Dodger Stadium, it goes out of the park two out of every three times. When it happens in San Francisco, it’s a homer roughly half as often. This is true both for the Giants and their opponents. Brandon Belt doesn’t hit a lot of homers because San Francisco doesn’t let him. It doesn’t allow any lefty — Barry Bonds excluded — to hit a lot of homers.

Brandon Belt is a good hitter with power. His walks have allowed him to keep pace with the rest of the league offensively, as increasing his power numbers would likely be a fool’s errand. Brandon Belt doesn’t hit for a high average or hit a lot of homers. He’s not fast on the bases. He doesn’t need to do any of that, however, to be very good. He walks a lot and he hits for power, even if the ball doesn’t leave the yard. That’s all he needs to do to be one of the top-25 hitters in baseball.


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