Saturday, April 22, 2017

"I may never be back in the big leagues"

I've been trying to find something to post -- what with Bumgarner's injury. After all, the name of this blog is "Giants Win" and that hasn't happened very much this season -- and found a nice Q and A with Marc Melancon, who found himself sent to the minors five seasons ago. As far as your own career, you go from the Yankees to the Astros and things go well. Then, you go to Boston. Did you feel your career was getting sidetracked? As far as your own career, I mean you go from the Yankees to Houston, right?
Melancon: Yeah, it was such a weird path for me. You know, I got sent down in 2012 after just a really bad month. That is another part of my career that now I'm so thankful for, because I got put in my place and sent down to Triple-A to where I told myself, 'If I don't really figure it out and get going, I may never be back in the big leagues,' and that was after I'd closed for a year in Houston. I had some success with the Astros. So to get sent out, that time in my life was tough, and it made me so much stronger. If it wouldn't have happened, I don't know if my success would have been the same. So, instead of a bitterness, there is a thankfulness that you got the wake-up call?
Melancon: It was an unanswered prayer type thing. Then you go to Pittsburgh and things take off.
Melancon: Pittsburgh was obviously a great part of my career, and a lot of people there helped me. Just a fun three and a half, four years. Didn't you at one point say you would have liked to stay in Pittsburgh because you felt you owed them something?
Melancon: I definitely felt like I owed them a lot. They gave me so much opportunity, and, you know, the ability to do what I did. It is a great city, great fans and good people in the organization. When you go out on the free-agent market, you had some conversations with the Rockies?
Melancon: There was definitely some conversation there. I would have liked to see it come down to the wire, but San Francisco was just there for the entire time. Colorado came in a little bit later and said it would like to do something. We just didn't feel like it was as realistic as San Francisco. You are one guy who has never been afraid to pitch at Coors Field.
Melancon: Growing up in Colorado helped. I didn't know any different. You just don't worry about it.


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