Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Park is yours

Nice story a few days ago by the SF Chronicle that says the team has totally paid off the debt on AT&T Park. 

Doing so gives the team some more financial muscle to sign players. There's already plenty of speculation that they want to give Bumgarner a big deal.

Here's the top of John Shea's story --


The Giants made no announcement. Threw no party. Orchestrated no conga line through Willie Mays Plaza.
On Dec. 15, six days after their news conference to introduce Mark Melancon as their $62 million closer, the Giants made the final payment on AT&T Park.
The 20-year mortgage on the $170 million loan that helped fund construction of the waterfront park at Third and King was quietly paid off without fanfare or a news release.
“We had people suggesting we have a loan document burning party, a controlled burn on Mount Tam,” CEO Larry Baer quipped in an interview with The Chronicle. “We decided against that for lots of reasons.”
In the 25th year of the Giants’ ownership group — which bought the team from Bob Lurie in December 1992 — the organization is healthy financially and anticipating another run to the playoffs. The team opens its exhibition season against the Cincinnati Reds on Friday in Scottsdale, Ariz.


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