Monday, January 16, 2017

Not much power for the Orange and Black

The Giants don't have much power -- only 130 HRs in 2016, third-lowest in the MLB. That's ahead only of the Braves (122) and Marlins (128). Grant Bisbee at McCovey Chronicles points out that there were 111 players who hit at least 20 HRs last year (the most ever) and not one was a Giant.

Here's the top --


Last season, 111 different players hit 20 home runs or more. If that seems like a lot, it’s because that’s the most 20-homer players in any season in baseball history. Not even in the steroid-fueled ‘90s, when everyone was supposed to be getting fat against expansion pitching, did more players get to 20 homers or more. In just 2014, there were only 57 players who passed that mark, so you can appreciate how special this last rabbit-ball season was. It boggles the mind. One hundred and eleven players hit 20 homers or more. That’s 45 percent of all players who got more than 300 at-bats. Man.
The San Francisco Giants had exactly zero of them.
There are some good reasons for this, of course. The ballpark, for one. Also, the Giants play in AT&T Park, which suppresses home runs. Then there’s the part where it’s hard to hit home runs in the ballpark where the Giants play 81 games every season. This is called “context,” and it matters. Don’t forget about the time missed by Hunter Pence and Brandon Belt, too. Also, the ballpark.


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