Sunday, January 08, 2017

Gregor Blanco gone?

The SF Giants web site says he probaby won't be back.

Nobody mentioned by Chris Haft gets me excited. Here's the top of the story --

SAN FRANCISCO -- The Giants' recent outfield additions may have dashed Gregor Blanco's hopes of returning to the ballclub.
Blanco appeared in 649 games for the Giants from 2012-16 as a part-time starter and top outfield reserve. Though he's a free agent, he openly declared his loyalty to the Giants after last season ended. "This is my home," he said.
Giants general manager Bobby Evans declined to comment on Blanco's status. However, logic dictates that Blanco likely has been displaced, despite his extensive experience at all three outfield spots.
In left, the Giants appear poised to hold a Spring Training tryout featuring Jarrett Parker and Mac Williamson. Veterans Michael Morse and Justin Ruggiano, who recently agreed to Minor League deals, are expected to provide competition.


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