Monday, November 28, 2016

Christian Arroyo in the Orange and Black

The Fangraphs site says that Arroyo is the SF Giants best prospect as a third baseman, followed by pitcher Tyler Beede. 

Here's the key parts --

 Despite a down year on paper — largely a result of the poor hitting environment in Richmond — Arroyo’s feel for contact remains superb and he still projects as a .300-plus hitter with supernatural feel for doubles-producing contact down both lines and to both gaps. He has terrific hand-eye coordination and is remarkably short to the baseball, though his bat speed is just about average. Arroyo actually cut his strikeout rate and increased his walk rate in 2016, though the latter remains poor. As is the case with many high-contact hitters, a large portion of Arroyo’s balls in play are hit on the ground and this may be an issue as he sees better defenses at upper levels.

While Arroyo has continued to spend a considerable amount of time at shortstop — and indeed has the arm strength and body control for the position — he’s already a below-average runner without the necessary range for short. He projects best at third base, a destination made even more obvious when considering the middle infielders San Francisco has at the big-league level, as well as the obvious path cleared for Arroyo by the Matt Duffy trade in July. Arroyo should be at least an average defender at third base in time.
Arroyo projects as a Martin Prado type of player at peak, someone who primarily lines up at third base but can kick around to other positions should the need arise and who also makes lots of hard, low-lying contact. That’s an above-average major leaguer and Arroyo is close, especially with Duffy gone, to wearing a Giants uniform.


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