Saturday, September 24, 2016

This is why the Cubs are cursed

Jon Miller pointed out during last night's TV broadcast that the Cubs' curse dates back to 1908 and them being awarded a victory that they did not deserve on Sept. 23.

Of course, that's the 1908 Merkle game. Miller's point was that the curse stems from the Cubs going on to win a World Series that they should have never gotten to in the first place.

Ed Sherman did a nice writeup in 2008 and noted that Keith Olberman reviewed the play and concluded that umpire Hank O'Day had made the decision by invoking a rule that was never enforced after Johnny Evers got a ball that was probably not the game ball. That fact alone -- that there was no way to prove that it was the actual game ball -- should have been enough to declare the game had been won by the Giants.


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