Saturday, August 13, 2016

Rough night for Matt Cain

Just when we thought that Cain had gotten it together, he had a lousy outing Friday night, per MC O'Connor at Raising (Matt) Cain --- 

The Baltimore Orioles like to hit home runs and they hit two big ones off Matt Cain to send him packing and that was the night, mostly. Cain faced 23 batters and gave up 11 hits. It was line drive this way and hard smash that way. Seven of the 12 outs Matty recorded were via strikeout--everyone was hacking. It was ugly. The 'pen (Kontos-Peavy) did fine, that bodes well, but the hitters couldn't get it done, that doesn't. It was the all-too-familiar anemia offensivia, and I'm hoping they find a cure soon. With the starter getting hammered they had a tough task, but five hits (three singles and two doubles) isn't cutting it. I don't know what to think about Cain. Just when it looked like he was making progress this happens. The O's are a good team, but still, this was bad. Meanwhile Madison Bumgarner, coming off a superb start in Washington, pitches tonight.



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