Wednesday, August 24, 2016

I hate the dodgers

I'm writing this as the Good guys got pummeled 9-5. Mostly due to lousy pitching by Bumgarner, Javier Lopez and Cory Gearrin.

There's 37  games left and the Giants are 2 out. The dodgers may win the division but they will always suck.

If you don't like it, get out of here.


So it looks like the Giants backs are to the wall, according to the SF Chron --

 Since the night Clayton Kershaw last threw a pitch, the Dodgers have gained 10 games in the standings against the Giants.
That is one of many trends the Giants need to reverse, which they seem incapable of doing. The Bumgarner trend is beginning to look frightening.
He has lost four straight decisions to the Dodgers, who have won his past five starts. In three matchups this year the Dodgers have scored 10 earned runs in 16 innings.
The trend is troubling for many reasons, psychology included. The last thing Bumgarner needs is the Dodgers thinking they can get him, also the last thought that needs to creep into Bumgarner's head with two likely meetings to go.

WHATEVER. The over-entitled dodgers are probably cashing their World Series paychecks already.  TIME TO SHOW THEM THAT THEY SUCK


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