Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Thanks, Padres!!!

My word -- the Giants have swept the Padres three times this year for a 9-0 record against them.

Jake Peavy pitched well with one earned run into the 7th after a disgraceful performance against the Cubs on Friday night. Here's Grant Bisbee of McCovey Chronicles --

Before you use the "Whatever, it was the Padres" excuse as a way to minimize Jake Peavy's start, please note that you certainly didn't use the "Oh, he's fine; the Cubs are just that good" excuse in his last start. Seems unfair to pick and choose your excuses.
Still, it's not time to run through the streets, ringing doorbells and telling your neighbors that Peavy is back. There probably isn't ever a great time to do that, even if it's true, but certainly don't do it right now. That doesn't mean you shouldn't consider this start a positive development. Here, I'll start:
That looked like the Jake Peavy from last year.
At least, the results did. We had such modest expectations before the season started, and his good outings were always supposed to look like this. He worked quickly and was economical with his pitches, just like he was in his best starts last year. He limited the free passes, but he also limited the 450-foot meatballs, just like he did in his best starts last year.


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