Monday, February 08, 2016

The Private World of the Negro Ballplayer in 1960

An excellent article that was published by Sports Illustrated 56 years ago. Willie Mays, George Crowe and Vada Pinson come off as some of the real heroes.

 Negro players share with one another. "When you're on the road, you never worry," says a player. "If you need anything, so-and-so will give it to you. And there's no salary jealousy. The best-liked player is Mays. He makes $85,000 a year, and every man is happy to see him with it." Last season, many Negro players automatically headed for Mays's home (since sold) when they reached San Francisco. They had dinner, then helped themselves to records, shirts and whatever else Mays had received from admirers. "A lot of colored guys don't get that, so I give them to them," Mays says.


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