Monday, February 15, 2016

Sports Illustrated likes the Giants

Jonah Keri of Sports Illustrated ranks the SF Giants in 6th of the 30 teams, behind the Cubs, Mets, Astros, Dodgers and Pirates.
"There are two versions of a Giants success story in 2016. we appreciate the Giants spending full market value to land two coveted starting pitchers over the winter, ignoring the growing trend of stacked bullpens in favor of a rotation that can carry a heavy workload. If Johnny Cueto's right shoulder cooperates and Jeff Samardziga shakes off a lousy, out of character '15 and outfielder Denard Span provides the all-around contributions the team expects, the Giants will have the kind of balanced no-weaknesses roster that can complement their loaded homegrown infield and make a deep October run.
In the second version, we can point to this being an even year and start planning the World Series parade route now. Whether you ride with real analysis or naked superstition, the Giants should be viewed as a major threat."


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