Monday, January 18, 2016

Tim Lincecum's future

Chris Haft of says it's pretty murky....

Until the ink's dry on Lincecum's signature affixed to a contract with one of the other 29 teams, chances of his returning to the Giants remain alive. That said, he must first address priorities more urgent than team affiliation or his potential role on a staff. I'm obviously not a doctor; nor have I witnessed any of Lincecum's throwing sessions, assuming he has progressed to that point. But the nature of his hip surgery may prolong his readjustment to being on a mound.
That's my roundabout way of saying -- it's only my opinion -- that he'll almost certainly need a stint in extended Spring Training, the Minor Leagues or both before he performs in the Majors again. He's trying to overcome not only surgery, but also inactivity. He hasn't pitched since last June 27.

I was at that game, which the Giants eventually won 7-5. Tim get hit by a liner in the 2nd inning in the hand -- an odd way to end a season that would eventually wind up with him needing surgery on his hip.


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