Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Cardinal Way

Jeff Passan at Yahoo Sports has a great takedown of just how arrogant and slimy the St. Louis Cardinals franchise is, given the guilty plea by one of their former top executives for hacking into the Houston Astros database. Here's the top part: 

The ugliness builds page by page, incident by incident, and by the end of the federal indictment against former St. Louis Cardinals scouting director Chris Correa, this much is obvious: If Major League Baseball doesn't dock the Cardinals draft picks in addition to a seven-figure fine, it is not just tacitly approving the computer crimes to which Correa pleaded guilty on Friday but encouraging similar nefariousness among other teams.

 Shock rippled around baseball Friday when authorities released the five-page charging documents that detailed Correa's crimes. In accessing the Astros' proprietary Ground Control database, the team's repository for player evaluation, he sought draft information before and during the draft, trade information on the day of the trade deadline and, in the grossest breach, broke into an Astros employee's email to retrieve the new URL and password to Ground Control after the Astros had changed both.
As far as sins in baseball go, this exceeds any brushbacks or beanballs, any signs that can be stolen, anything shot subcutaneously through a needle. This is a direct assault on another team's front office, the triumvirate of immoral, unethical and illegal, and no matter where it emanated from on the corporate hierarchy, the punishment needs to be severe.
That it came from the director level – one step down on the organizational chart from general manager John Mozeliak – only adds embarrassment to a team that prides itself on conducting things The Cardinal Way, which presumably does not include vengeance hacking among its chief tenets.


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