Saturday, November 21, 2015

Dodgers blow off Clayton Kershaw

So Andy Van Slyke opens his big mouth to say that his son - the marginally talented Scott - believes that Clayton Kershaw went to the Dodgers front office and told them to trade Yasiel Puig.

The LA Times is now reporting it probably won't happen despite Puig's "underwhelming" work habits. 

Well, players don't have to get along for a team to win. But its nice to see the arrogance of Dodger management blowing up in its face....

As the Dodgers were playing their final regular-season games last month, they received word that a sidelined Yasiel Puig could return to them in time for the playoffs.
On the surface, a positive development. But that wasn't how the news was received in the clubhouse.
Multiple players said at the time their preference was for Puig to remain at the team's spring-training complex in Arizona. They feared his oversized personality and underwhelming work habits would disrupt them more than his breathtaking talent would help.


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