Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Brandon Crawford signed to 2021

The Giants have signed Brandon Crawford to a 6-year deal worth $75 million. 

Only Buster Posey is also signed through 2021. 

Here's part of Chris Haft's story for mlb.com --

The accord relieved the Giants of the burden of negotiating with Crawford through his final two arbitration-eligible seasons and covers four years of his potential free agency, A source familiar with the negotiations said that Crawford will receive a $1.2 million signing bonus, $5.8 million next year, $8 million in 2017 and $15 million annually in the contract's final four years.
Crawford and Giants general manager Bobby Evans deferred public comment until Wednesday, when a news conference will be conducted at AT&T Park to announce the deal officially. But the significance of the pact, which the Giants and Crawford's agents began discussing early this year before tabling talks during the season, appeared obvious.
"The Giants feel he's the glue of the middle of that infield, and the glue of that team," said Rich Aurilia, one of Crawford's more successful predecessors as San Francisco's shortstop. Indeed, catcher Buster Posey is the only other Giant signed through 2021. Aurilia pointed out that Crawford will be 34 years old when he enters the final year of his contract, young enough to remain spry and nimble defensively.


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