Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Matt Duffy for Rookie of the Year

That's what USA Today says.

He has a 3.4 WAR at this point and he's batting third in what's become a productive lineup ....

SAN FRANCISCO – The player who eventually replaced Pablo Sandoval as the San Francisco Giants’ third baseman carries around a dog-eared self-help book, leaves himself reminders to eat – lest he wither away – and has been tagged with a nickname that hardly fits his physique.
If the Giants had requested the exact opposite of their once-beloved Panda from central casting, they would have been sent Matt Duffy.
The 6-foot-2 rookie, who may push the scales up to 175 pounds after a big meal, has dispelled any yearning for the rotund Sandoval with such consistent and unexpected production, the Giants didn’t bother seeking an upgrade at the trade deadline.

“We look at him as our third baseman now and for the foreseeable future,’’ general manager Bobby Evans said.
Those plans may eventually change, considering Duffy began the season as a utilityman and doesn’t exactly fit the profile of the prototypical third baseman. His Duffman nickname – based on the Simpsons muscular character – was clearly inspired more by his surname than his slender build.
But the Giants may be hard-pressed to find equal production, let alone similar value.
Duffy, 24, heading into Tuesday, is second among all rookies in wins above replacement (3.4), has the second highest batting average (.301) and the seventh-highest on-base-plus-slugging percentage (.797) among National League rookies.
He even compares closely to highly touted rookies Joc Pederson of the Los Angeles Dodgers and Kris Bryant of the Chicago Cubs, power hitters who have attracted national attention. Bryant trails Duffy in OPS, slugging percentage (SLG) and wins above replacement (WAR) and Pederson trails in SLG and WAR.
“They’re great baseball players, exciting baseball players,’’ Duffy said of his rookie of the year competitors. “To even be lumped into a conversation or even a footnote with them is exciting.’’


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