Sunday, August 30, 2015

Another reason to despise Bud Selig

Let's start with owning the Brewers while being commissioner and canceling the 1994 World Series and the idiotic choice to have the All-Star game determine home field advantage in the Series.

He's a man without conscience. I'm glad he's no longer commissioner. Because he also told teams not to sign Bonds in 2008. I don't have proof of this, I admit, but it is the obvious conclusion here.

Bonds has just lost his collusion case against because there's no smoking gun, according to Jon Heyman at CBS Sports. That said, the failure of a single team to sign him when he was willing to play for the MLB minimum is a sure sign that Bud had threatened every team. No one had the guts to defy him.

Thanks for doing everything you can to ruin baseball, Bud. Now go away and stay away.


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