Sunday, July 26, 2015

Thanks, Jake Smolinski!

This games shows why front offices are reluctant to put rookies in games.

The Giants swept Oakland today, 4-3, with a nice 2-run HR by Duffy in the first and stout work by the pen in relieving Tim Hudson. 

But the strangest play of all came in the top of the 9th. 

Jake Smolinski, who's been on the Oakland roster for a few games, pinch hit for Ike Davis and got a walk. Casilla was not looking sharp. Lawrie singled and Phegley struck out as Casilla finally started to get command.

This guy has less than 200 ABs in the bigs and exactly one stolen base.

Then Smolinski took off for third on the first pitch and Posey gunned him down. Lawrie stayed at first -- because he obviously didn't know that Smolinski was going.

Then Casilla struck out Semien to give the good guys a sweep.

What a bonehead play. This is why I don't like the stolen base as a strategy. When it doesn't work, it's deadly.


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