Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Chris Heston wins his 11th

This guy ought to be getting some serious Rookie of the Year consideration. 

Raising Matt Cain has a nice recap -- 

Chris Heston put his infield to work tonight and they delivered of course, turning three double plays. Brandon Crawford put the hurt into one for the game-breaking bomb, and the 'pen did the rest for another Giants win. They gained a half game on the idle Dodgers with the 4-2 victory. Hest-o was neat-o again, and just like our man carmot said he is up there with the league's elites. What a treat to watch--did you see those two strikeouts in the 7th? BCraw also walked later and scored on a clutch pinch-double by Gregor Blanco to earn hitter's honors for the evening. Blanco was batting for Heston. Hunter Strickland looked deadly in the 8th, and Sergio Romo took the 9th, giving the regular man a break.

Matt Cain tomorrow. Go Giants!


This from the mlb.com site --

"He's just been unbelievable to watch this year," third baseman Matt Duffy said of Heston. "[He's been] huge for us [after] not making the club Opening Day and thrust into a start right away. He's been good by anybody's standards, I think, let alone the situation that he started out with."


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