Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Blanco, Pence and Gray

What ????

Those were the three players of the game named by Jon Miller, Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper tonight after a dispiriting 5-2 loss to the Brew Crew. Matt Cain wasn't very good though Kruk thought he got better in the 5th and 6th.

Anyhow, Miller listed Blanco for getting two hits in two at bats. Krukow listed Pence for getting a double off the RF wall that led to the one rally of the night in the 7th and Kuiper listed Sonny Grey for shutting out the Dodgers.

Here's MC O'Conner from Raising Matt Cain--

 Matt Cain encountered a determined foe tonight as it looked like the Brewers had a plan against the big righty. He gave up eight hits and four runs in his six innings of work, and they were all kinds of hits: opposite-field doubles, grounders through the hole, blasts off the wall, etc. Milwaukee was led by that paragon of peskines Gerardo Parra, and got a big start from the flamethrowing Wily Peralta. It wasn't the Giants night and their sparkling six-game win streak comes to an end. The final was 5-2 but it never felt that close. The Brewers get their first win against the Giants this season. The Dodgers lead stays at a half game as they were shut out at home 2-0 by Sonny Gray and the Athletics.
Jake Peavy tomorrow afternoon. Go Giants!


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