Tuesday, May 19, 2015

"Giants 2, Dodgers Nothing"

That's how Dave Flemming said it tonight. The ptichers shut the dodgers down. They are still the highest scoring team in MLB but have scored two runs in the last 3 games - portending a total collapse, we hope.

we can hope that the dodgers continue to play like idiots, per this snippet from the MLB.com story --

The Dodgers are only 9-for-23 in attempted steals after Scott Van Slyke was caught jumping the gun on what was apparently a two-out hit-and-run on an 0-2 pitch to Andre Ethier, ending the eighth inning. Van Slyke broke when Giants reliever Sergio Romo made a pick-off throw, and first baseman Belt nailed Van Slyke at second.


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