Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Barry Bonds update - kids and collustion

Barry Bonds has filed a collusion grievance against MLB for the failure of the 30 teams to sign him in the wake of a promise that he'd be willing to play for the union minimum of $390,000. I'm not a lawyer but this seems pretty clear cut. Players who have done far worse things than Bonds -- allegedly lying about PEDs -- with far less talent have been signed againand again.

It's set off the usual round of "Barry = Satan" declarations by the Bonds haters, who will always hate him no matter what.

Has it occurred to anyone that he is standing up for employee rights not getting trampled by billionaires? I guess not.

I'm pleased to report that Barry's making an effort to be a respectable citizen. Per the SF Chronicle, he's opening a three-day baseball instruction camp next month for kids 10 to 14.

Well, that's my 2 cents


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