Thursday, April 23, 2015


 Way to waste millions of dollars!

The U.S. Court of Appeal has overturned Barry Bonds' conviction for obstruction of justice in a 10-1 rruling. Here's part from the SF Chron:

Bonds’ answer “says absolutely nothing pertinent to the subject of the grand jury’s investigation” and could not have diverted prosecutors or influenced the decision on whether to indict anyone, Judge Alex Kozinski said in an opinion joined by four other judges. If Bonds’ answer was unclear, Kozinski said, it was up to the prosecutor to clarify it.

A “truthful but evasive or misleading statement” cannot be considered obstruction of justice, Judge N. Randy Smith said in a separate opinion joined by three colleagues.

So whatever happened to the dingbat Jeff Novitzky who led this witch hunt against Bonds? He's working for the UFC. I can't think of an organization that's done more to degrade modern life. 

Go to hell, Jeff.


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