Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Cubs owners = losers

This is why the Cubs are a joke. Always have been and apparently always will be.

David Schoenfeld of ESPN makes the very sensible poinr that the Cubs have decided not to field their best team now just so they can retain control of Kris Bryant in 2021. 

How are you supposed to feel if you're a Cubs fan?

It's a  contemptuous attitude towards fans, treating as if they're a bunch of suckers. I hope the Cubs lose every game unless theyre playing the dodgers. Here's the end of the column -

This is a triumph of numbers and reason. Mostly, that's a good thing. It's made baseball teams better and front offices smarter. But what about the entire picture? There's no way to measure things like clubhouse morale or spirit. But people -- and players -- do care about the environment they're asked to work and succeed in. Imagine your workplace in which management has something that will help everyone succeed better but won't implement it because it is worried about money six years down the road. How would that go over?
As my colleague, Christina Kahrl, put it, you're banking on the future while borrowing from the present. This ensures the Cubs will keep Bryant for 2021, and he should be enormously valuable for the Cubs that year; but maybe it makes it less likely he's with the Cubs in 2022, 2023, 2024 and beyond.
It's interesting from another standpoint. Front offices like the Cubs', Dodgers' or Oakland A's will sweat over not just the 25th man on the roster as much as the starting nine but the 37th and 38th man. They work countless hours trying to build the best team possible, to find every minute advantage possible; and yet, the Cubs have decided to delay their best product on the field, at least for a few weeks.
At their fabulous new spring training complex in Mesa, Ariona, the Cubs were selling $63 T-shirts.
But they've sold out their fans on this one. Kris Bryant should start the season in the majors, 2021 be damned.


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