Monday, April 13, 2015

Arte Moreno = Crybaby

Angels owner Arte Moreno has been whining to the LA press about how doggone unfair it is that he can't just kick Josh Hamilton off the team for a drug relapse. Under the collective bargaining agreement, if a player reports that he's abused drugs, that precludes being a violation.

Moreno decided when he signed Hamilton that he'd include language that superseded the CBA -- an incredibly illegal action. An arbitrator has sided the MLBPA, meaning the Moreno's going to have to eat all $75 mil plus that he still owes Josh.

Hey, Arte -- people come to Anaheim to see you. They come to see the players. And what player is going to want to sign with Angels now that you've shown your open contempt for a player WHO YOU SIGNED and for the MLBPA.

the Angels are 0-6 this year and I would venture that some of that is due to the crappy morale and atmosphere that Moreno has created. I hope they lose every damn game they play except for the ones against the Dodgers.

By the way, Arte-- would you please stop embarrassing yourself by calling the team the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim? What a joke you are


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