Saturday, April 18, 2015

8-game losing streak

When the Giants are doing badly, I look backward. 

I actually remember the last 8-game loss streak  back in 2007.

The Giants went from 30-34 to 30-42; they finally won a game on national TV against the Yanks in 13 on a Saturday.

Eight years later, the following Yankees are still active -- Melky Cabrera, Robinson Cano, and Alex Rodriguez. None of the Giants are still in the bigs, They have signed Kevin Correia to a minor league deal; Frandsen was cut by Nats and Nate Schierholz is playing for the Hiroshima Carp.

Anyhow, the Giants went 4 years between 2005 and 2008 with losing records, including 71-91 in 2007.

According to Baseball Reference, 22-year-old Matt Cain had the highest WAR  with 4.6, followed by 42-year-old Barry Bonds at 3.4


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