Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Romo on being a Giant

He's forever the guy who ended the 2012 World Series. Romo talks to the SF Chron about how much he disliked being a free agent...

Initially, the Giants pursued big-ticket items Pablo Sandoval and Jon Lester, offering a combined $245 million. Each went in different directions, as did the Giants. Only then did they focus on Romo, making him their first free-agent signing Dec. 22, beginning a domino effect of securing players who would be cheaper but have plenty of experience.
They brought back two more old friends, Jake Peavy and Ryan Vogelsong, along with newcomers Nori Aoki and Casey McGehee.
“I had no idea what free agency would be like,” Romo said. “I was told by a few guys free agency’s good to you. You get a chance to choose where to play. It could be a good thing. It could be fun.”
“That dead time, it's hard to get by that because, hey, we can get this done in five minutes, for real, if they call me,” said Romo, who claimed to have seriously considered only one team. “From the beginning, this is where I wanted to be.”


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