Monday, March 30, 2015

Bobby Bragan and baseball history

Joe Posnaski has a nice piece about the Dodger backup catcher in 1947; long but well worth the time...

“If Jackie Robinson can play the position better than another player,” Rickey said after summoning Bragan, “then regardless of the color of his skin Jackie Robinson is going to play. You understand that Bobby?”
“Yes sir,” Bragan said.
“And how do you feel about this?”
“If it’s all the same with you, Mr. Rickey, I’d like to be traded to another team,” Bragan said.
And then, Bragan would remember, Branch Rickey leaned back. Maybe he puffed on his cigar. Maybe he didn’t. He asked Bobby Bragan a question.
“If we call Jackie Robinson up,” Rickey asked, “will you change the way you play for me?”
And here, at last, Bobby Bragan was forced to confront what kind of man he was.
“No sir,” Bragan said. “I’d still play my best.”


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