Monday, February 09, 2015

Belt ready to belt

Remember  this? Top of the 18th, Giants Batting, Tied 1-1, Nationals' Tanner Roark facing 6-7-8

John Shea of the SF Chron has a nice story about Brandon Belt focusing on staying in shape and eating healthy...

The Giants lost a lot of power with the departures of Pablo Sandoval and Michael Morse, but Brandon Belt doesn’t see a problem.
“We lost 40 home runs, but I’m probably going to hit 50 or 60,” he said.
Prepare for a more confident Belt this season. Maybe a more steady Belt. Preferably a more healthy Belt. Certainly a more in-shape Belt, who’s training like no other time in his career, including more functional workouts and a better diet.
No kidding. The first baseman ditched junk food. For the most part, anyway. He has better eating habits. Feels better. Might even look better. The next step is to play better. Or at least play with more consistency while staying clear of long stints on the disabled list, an absolute necessity for a team that lost two big run producers.


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