Monday, January 26, 2015

Willie and Joe go to New York

Pure pleasure for Giants fans, reading Chris Haft's account on about Willie Mays and Joe Panik visiting New York. What a great event. Here's part -- 

"A few guys said their lives are complete now that they shook hands with the great Willie Mays," said Michael Weinberg, who grew up in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of New York. "How many players can say they make people feel that way 42 years after they stopped playing?"
Mays, who accumulated 660 home runs while being widely regarded as the game's quintessential center fielder, reciprocated the adulation. "When they like you, they love you," he said of New Yorkers. Welcomed back to New York by the moderator, the Hall of Famer grinned widely and remarked, "I never left," referring to the apartment he kept in Riverdale after the Giants left town.
Mays, 83, jovially prodded guests to interrogate not just him, but also Panik: "Don't forget Joe here, guys." But Panik knew who the audience came to see. He playfully rolled his eyes when Mays casually mentioned that he hit "only" 29 home runs in 1958, wordlessly conveying that he could only dream of displaying such power.


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