Friday, January 02, 2015

The seven homeruns in the Giants 2014 postseason

McCovey Chronicles has a long, fine post about them.

The top homer of the postseason came from Brandon Belt --

This was the ultimate troll. Late into the night, in the eighteenth inning, against a team the Giants weren't even supposed to beat. And yet they held on. They held on for so long and they held on so hard that eventually, they just wore down the Nationals. This troll job epitomized the Giants' entire run through the playoffs. It was improbable and it surprised the world. It trolled the world. If a team thinks the Giants are going to beat themselves, then that team is sadly mistaken (unless, of course, they think that after Hunter Strickland comes into the game). Beat the Giants or face the consequences.
Their greatest troll didn't come when they won the World Series again, it came when they beat a team with a better record and long after anyone could figure out what was happening in the NLDS. The Giants win the ugly ones because that's what trolls do.
When should you use it?
All the time. Whenever. All forums. In response to all tweets. Use it liberally. Don't be stingy with it. When you love Brandon Belt. When someone stumbles into your sphere of influence spouting off on Brandon Belt's latest slump -- drop a Brabelt on 'em. When Matt Williams manages in the playoffs over the next fives years -- Brabelt.


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