Sunday, January 04, 2015

Hasta la vista, Vogey

Ryan Vogelsong pitched twice in the 2014 World Series. He got knocked out of the box in the third in game 4, giving up 4 runs. Those were the only runs the Royals scored that night while Giants came from a 4-1 deficit to glorious 11-4 vic

Chris Haft of asserts that the Giants probably won't re-sign him. He was a pretty good pitcher in 2011 and 2012 but hasn't gotten it back since....

-- Ryan Vogelsong is more than a pitcher. He is a Giant through and through.
Vogelsong, a free agent, isn't yet officially an ex-Giant. But the two-year contract that Jake Peavy received gave the Giants a full complement of starting pitchers and likely will squeeze out Vogelsong -- who, according to those who know him closely, maintained hopes of spending the rest of his career with the club. Obviously, such sentiments cannot be allowed to determine personnel moves. If Brian Sabean believed the Giants are better off without Vogelsong, it's difficult to argue with the general manager who engineered three World Series triumphs in five seasons.
Nevertheless, Vogelsong deserves a special salute for his character, conduct and performance. He won the Willie Mac Award in 2011 as the club's most inspirational player. The Giants won all seven of his postseason starts -- including four in 2012, when he was their leading postseason winner (3-0).


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