Thursday, January 01, 2015

Dodgers = desperation

Happy New Year, by the way

The Dodgers will be giving up any shred of morality if they sign this guy, Chin-hui Tsao.

Baseball's biggest crisis came in 1919 when Arnold Rothstein fixed the World Series.

Say it ain't so, Dodgers. Here's part of the Yahoo Sports report --

While it’s fair to assume Tsao is remorseful for his actions – according to reports, he agreed to throw two games in exchange for “benefits” from gamblers – and we are a forgiving society for those whose fastballs tend to warm up a radar gun, inviting a player banned by not one but two leagues (three weeks ago the Australian Baseball League voided his contract with the Adelaide Bite before it began) ought to be sticky for Major League Baseball.
Think Black Sox. Think Pete Rose. Think about the official conniption over Alex Rodriguez’s occasional poker habit. Don’t, please, think about the clubhouse March Madness pools.
An investigation reportedly found Tsao had accepted these “benefits” (sex, among them) and was expected to throw those two games during the Chinese Professional Baseball League’s 2009 season. One game was rained out. The other didn’t come off because of lack of support in the locker room. His punishment was limited to expulsion from the league. Presumably he was saved further legal consequences because of his own inability to predict the weather or the competitive temperaments of his teammates.
The former big-leaguer – Colorado Rockies from 2003-05, Dodgers in ’07 – hadn’t played in a league of significance since ’09, but is attempting a comeback. According to one scout, Tsao had been “throwing the [bejesus] out of the ball.” So there’s that.
A few days ago, the Los Angeles Times reported the Dodgers were “close” to signing Tsao to a minor-league deal and suggested the club had received clearance from MLB to do so. Both are true. The Dodgers contacted MLB prior to engaging with Tsao, a baseball source with knowledge of those conversations told Yahoo Sports. The league looked into the circumstances surrounding Tsao’s expulsion, found some “ambiguities” in the case, and cleared the way for the signing, the source said.
This much seems clear, ambiguities notwithstanding: A guy banned from playing baseball somewhere else (or, in this case, two somewhere elses) for at least entertaining the idea of throwing games probably should not be rewarded with a second chance here. Not with a major league club. Not on a minor-league deal.


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