Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Biggio makes Hall of Fame even more of a joke

While the Giants have won 3 World Series, the perception of the team is no longer "the bastards who gave Barry Bonds a chance to play."

It's a strange payback for all those years of public approbation for having employed Bonds.

Meanwhile, the Hall of Fame is more and more irrelevant. How Craig Biggio can be in and Bonds out is something that is  the essence of pretzel logic.

Why would I make such a statement?

I was reading through John Shea's commentary for the SF Chron and his take was -- Bonds and Clemens will get in once another PED player gets in. 

Well, maybe. It occurs to me that use of PEDs was so widespread that there ARE already users in the Hall. We just don't know who. Which brings me back to Biggio. He hit a career-high 24 HRs when he was 38 and 26 when he was 39. What?????

He had a career WAR of 65, which makes him a marginal candidate, not a slam dunk. If there were a Hall of the Very Good, he'd be in it.

I'm not trying to insult Biggio. But it's worth pointing out that Bonds had a career WAR of 162. In other words, he was almost 3 times as valuable as Biggio over the course of his career.

I'll say it again -- the Hall of Fame is a joke.

A commenter named Ron40 summed it up nicely ....

Craig Biggio, a nice guy who smiles a lot, set a career home run record at age 38. And then he improved on that mark when he was 39. In the era of PEDs. Of course, there is no reason at all to suspect that he was a user. None at all. Because he smiles and is nice.

And that, of course, is the essential problem. No one knows who or who did not use. There are users already in the Hall. Of course there are.

At this point, the essential reason certain players who deserve the recognition are not in the Hall is the BBWA is (a) exhibiting bias of a variety of sorts and (b) many writers in the BBWA are boobs. Who don't even cover baseball. The BBWA is an anachronism, invented in the days when baseball writers were the only people who were able to see all players play. That is not the era in which we live. The Hall should adjust their procedures. Simpler said.


Anonymous RB said...

The same logic is applied by those who voted Craig Biggio into the Hall-of-Fame as by those who voted that Dustin Pedroia is worthy of winning the MVP. Basically, if you're white & cute in a weird sort of way, you get extra points. Either way, it's BS.

10:54 AM  

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