Sunday, December 07, 2014

Why not Chase Headley?

David Pinto at Baseball Musings thinks he's a bargain at a 4-year $65 million deal...

Should we be surprised that Chase Headley‘s value shot up in an off-season chock full of big money contracts? If we take a weighted average of his WAR for the last three seasons, we get an average of 4.6 fWAR and 4.1 rWAR. Let’s call it 4.3 WAR. Since he’s over 30, we’ll figure in a 10% decline each of the next four seasons, for an expected total in that time of 13.3 WAR. Since a single WAR seems to be valued at $7 million this off-season, he should be worth $93 million over four years. So if a team can pick him up for $65 million, he’s a steal. At that price, he would be a great pickup for the Giants, who know him well since they play quite a bit against the Padres.
There’s plenty of room for the bidding to go higher.


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