Sunday, December 07, 2014

Welcome back, Travis Ishikawa

The Giants have signed him to a 1-year $1.1 million deal, which shows that some home runs are a little more valuable than others, according to McCover chronicles...

Let's inspect the Giants' bench plans. Andrew Susac is a lock, apparently, and I'd be surprised if Matt Duffy didn't reprise his role as a utility guy. Joaquin Arias has guaranteed cash, and there will need to be a backup center fielder if Gregor Blanco isn't on the bench.
That means Ishikawa is the first lefty off the bench, the power hitter sent up against the right-handed closer with two on and a three-run deficit.
Upon closer inspection, I'm okay with that. While I kept harping on the fact that Brandon Belt is a lefty, so he should have a righty behind him, it's not like the Giants are going to platoon him. And on the days Belt sits, Buster Posey was going to play first, anyway. They had a little freedom with their backup first baseman, then.
Is he the best possible fit? Dunno. Steamer doesn't hate him, and it's not like the Giants were going to find Matt Stairs in his prime to come off the bench. He has a little power, which is the primary qualification for the role, and he'll get standing ovations for the first month or two. It's possible there was a better fit -- still a fan of my Ryan Doumit idea, which would allow Susac to pinch-hit more -- but we're arguing about which Mad About You episode was the 34th best at this point. It's not worth it on so many levels.
Travis Ishikawa hit a million-dollar dinger, everyone. Good for him. Good for us. Good for everybody! Everybody except the Cardinals, which we're all okay with.


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