Friday, December 19, 2014

Mighty Casey at third

 OK, I'm being sarcastic.  Casey has put up a 2.6 WAR in six seasons. He did have 76 RBIs last year in Miami on 4 HRs. When was the last time you heard of a starting third baseman with 4 HRs in a season?

Maybe Matt Duffy will be the third base starter by 2016.

The Giants replaced Pablo Sandoval with Casey McGehee and gave up two pitching prospects that  I have not heard of. Hopefully, they won't turn into the second coming of Madison Bumgarner

Chris Haft's story on notes that Casey became expendable when the Fish traded for Martin Prado. It sounds like the idiot who owns the Marlins has decided to stop cheaping out for now.

The SF Chronicle's coverage on the deal folds in to their coverage on Jake Peavy. In other words, no one seems very excited by Casey. The Chron says he is not as "dynamic" as Sandoval. He went to Japan in 2013 and did OK last year in Miami....

Maybe this guy will be like David Bell, who played a pretty third base in 2002 for the Giants after getting traded from Seattle for the immortall Desi Relaford. He had 20 HRs and 73 RBIs that year then signed with the Phils.

The Giants then signed Edgardo Alfonzo to play third just in time for his career to go down the tubes.


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