Saturday, December 06, 2014

Madison Bumgarner's October 2014

Lefty Malo makes the argument that it was the greatest single month by a pitcher

OK, it's a little stat-intensive but it's a good read anyhow

The basic numbers -- 52 and 2/3 innings, 45 Ks, 6 walks, 1.03 ERA

Here are the comparisons --

- Curt Schilling, 2001. Click through for the totals. I'll summarize them here: Better K/9 rate than Bumgarner. Same AVG against. Similar WHIP. Schilling might get the slightest nod because he was pitching in a hitter-friendly era, and four of his six games were in Arizona, a hitter-friendly venue.

-- Josh Beckett, 2003. He threw 42.2 mostly excellent innings, with a short-rest relief appearance in the NLCS and a short-rest shutout to clinch the World Series. In a hitter's era, too. Like Schilling, the K rate is better than Bum. More baserunners, though. If it weren't for one bad start in the NLCS, it could've been the best postseason ever for a pitcher.

-- Orel Hershiser, 1988. His playoff run was a lot like his scoreless regular-season streak: More balls in play than you'd expect, and nearly a baserunner an inning. That sinker was world-class, folks.

-- Randy Johnson, 2001. No question he and Schilling were the best teammate playoff combo ever. And his game-by-game stats were filthy. But at 11 innings fewer than Bum, we're at the far edge of comparable, I reckon.

Honorable mention: Deacon Phillippe threw 44 innings in the 1903 postseason---which happened to be all five World Series games for his Pirates, all within 13 days.


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