Thursday, December 04, 2014

Lester is the guy for now

I know the Giants want Jon Lester because they've got a story on their official web site about him

I'd bet he'd go back to the Bosox though just for the familiarity

Just don't sign with the LOSER dodgers, OK?

Here's the top of the story, which essentially says "watch this space"  --

BOSTON -- Jon Lester is approaching the final round of contract negotiations with multiple teams, and the left-hander could sign a deal before the week is out. However, there is no guarantee that will happen, and also no deadline, a source told
There's at least a chance it will be several more days -- perhaps even a week -- until Lester chooses his next club. The Red Sox, Cubs and Giants have appeared to be the top suitors, but, the website for a Boston sports radio network, cited "multiple sources connected to teams interested in Lester" indicating the Dodgers had entered the bidding for the left-hander's services. At this point, the situation remains fluid and hard to predict.


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