Saturday, December 06, 2014

Headley in the Orange and Black?

 No mention of Matt Duffy in this evaluation of the club needs. For me, he's intriguing in that he showed some aptitude as an MLB hitter by going 16 for 64.

There was some Twittering yesterday and today about Headley...

Chase Headley may be the big addition to the Giants during winter if they cant' get Jon Lester. Chris Haft of has this nice round-up on the team site....

Club needs
Rotation: It's difficult to believe that a team that has relied on its rotation for most of the last six seasons urgently needs at least one reliable starter to complement postseason hero Madison Bumgarner. But questions and doubts surround the rest of the staff given Matt Cain's elbow surgery, Tim Lincecum's inconsistency and Tim Hudson's age (40 next July).
The Giants will quickly begin a vigorous effort to woo another free-agent starter -- Max Scherzer? James Shields? Aaron Harang? -- if Lester signs elsewhere.
Third base: The Giants know they're going to miss Sandoval, who hit dynamically (if not always consistently) and improved enough defensively to become a Gold Glove candidate. And they know they can't replace him, so a reasonable facsimile might suffice. If the Giants don't sign free agent Chase Headley, they might look at trade alternatives and go for the Angels' David Freese, the Nationals' Ryan Zimmerman or the Reds' Todd Frazier. None of them, however, would be easy to acquire.
Left field: The Giants have employed a different Opening Day left fielder in each of the past seven seasons, so change at this spot is anticipated. Having seen glimpses of effective offense from Gregor Blanco, Travis Ishikawa and Juan Perez in 2014, the Giants just might try a platoon if they cannot obtain a player who would be a clear upgrade. Blanco and Ishikawa could divide playing time against right-handed pitchers, with Perez facing left-handers.
Third-base coach: Don't laugh. Tim Flannery, who recently announced his retirement, did much more than signal strategies to hitters and wave home runners chugging toward third. Flannery provided astute bunting instruction and helped first-base coach Roberto Kelly tutor players in baserunning. Since most or all of the organization's key figures will be in San Diego for the Meetings, this will be as good a time as any to evaluate the numerous candidates, all of whom likely will come from within the organization.


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