Sunday, November 02, 2014

The record for postseason homers given up

I was reading John Shea's recap of how rookies contributed to the SF Giants this year -- Panik, Perez, Strickland, Susac and Duffy -- and it mentioned the record that Strickland set for homers in the postseason

It's six -- 3 in the NLDS, one in the NLCS and two in the Series. 

It's easy to see why Bochy was so attracted to the guy -- no runs at all in 9 appearance in the regular season in 7 innings of work. That was enough to give Strickland a 0.3 WAR according to Baseball reference. 

Here's part of Shea's story --

Unselfishness was a Giants trait. So was avoiding complacency. Consider Panik, who proved himself offensively and defensively from early August through late October. Yet, when looking to 2015, he said he needs to prove himself all over again.
“There’s always somebody looking to take your spot,” he said. “I’ve got to prepare myself to battle for that spot. I know what happened this year, but I’m still young. I don’t even have a full year under my belt.”
While Sabean’s priority is forming a rotation, especially after starters not named Bumgarner struggled so mightily in the World Series, the farm system has no starter knocking on the door, including top prospect Kyle Crick. But Strickland could be in the bullpen if he recovers from setting the record for most homers yielded in a postseason.
Likewise, Susac, Duffy and Perez could have roles off the bench.


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