Saturday, November 01, 2014

"I'm not an idiot"

That was Brian Sabean's quote in the wake of the Matt Williams deal for Jeff Kent.'s Tracy Ringolsy -- he of the big black cowboy hat -- recaps Sabean's tenure...

under Sabean's guidance, the Giants, in the last 19 years have:
• Recorded the third-best winning percentage in the NL (1,556-1,358, .534) behind the Braves (1,651-1,263, .567) and Cardinals (1,545-1,319, .547).
• Played more postseason games (76) than any NL team other than the Cards (121) and have a better postseason winning percentage (.605) than any team that has played at least 34 postseason games.
• Made four World Series appearances, the only NL team other than the Cardinals (who also have made four) to have been in the World Series more than twice, and have won an NL-best three World Series in the last 18 years.
And don't forget that Sabean took advantage of the San Diego Padres' decision to fire manager Bruce Bochy by quickly signing Bochy to oversee things at AT&T Park.


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